Tamarack bark is pinkish and somewhat flaky, with reddish inner bark. Tamarack grows in low, wet areas. This deciduous conifer is the only tree with needles that fall in autumn. It’s something of an oxymoron in the evolution of trees as it is still deciding whether to be coniferous or deciduous. Also called larch, tamarack firewood is dense and has a very high heating value producing a hot fire, very little ash, and in the morning coals remain in the stove that can be used to rekindle a fresh fire. The supply of tamarack from year to year is unpredictable because harvesting the timber usually needs to wait until mid winter.

We have a limited supply of tamarack for 2019.

Price is for full Cords of Tamarack

We also sell 1/2 Cords of Tamarack for $160


Price: $ 310.00
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