Classified as a hardwood. The bark surrounding the firewood is practically air-tight and it must be split in order to season. Birch bark has white powder that coats the bark that is primarily composed of a chemical called Betulin. This same Betulin is what makes birch bark such a good fire-starter. It is highly flammable. Betulin is a hydrophobic (water-fearing) molecule – giving birch bark its superior waterproofing abilities. So birch bark is waterproof and flammable — terrific for getting a fire going on a rainy day.

Our birch firewood is seasoned under large open ended canopies that provide cover from rain and gives the seasoned wood a clean unspoiled appearance. You will be tempted to leave a nice stack beside the fireplace just for that look.

Subject to availability

Price is for full Cords of Birch

We also sell 1/2 Cords of Birch for $185


Price: $ 360.00
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